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Basic Course

Basic Course

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- What is a blockchain and how does it function?

- What are the different use cases of blockchain technology? 

- What is the difference between one cryptocurrency vs another?

- How do I open an account with a centralized exchange?

- How do I buy and sell cryptocurrency on a centralized exchange?

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Landry Sitze
Straight to the point and informative

I was a newbie in the crypto thing, but I managed to understand very easily and fast surprisingly all those new concepts. Thanks again for all those precious informations.

Akeshan K.
Great Basic Course for Crypto Newbies

Before reading I have to mention that I am from Germany, so my English is not high level ;).
This Course covers all the basic information you need about Crypto or explanation what it is and why we need it. I have to mention that I've met Vandross in person a few times and he teached me a lot of stuff which is over the Basic Course which he will cover in the paid courses, and referring to his knowledge he teached me, I can guarantee you that his courses are worth it. It is really easy to follow him, even when you have never heard something about Crypto.

Vincent and Gladys Idiake
Awesome!!! introductory class (Basic Course)

This is a lot of knowledge gained without paying any dime. Thank you so much, can't wait to do the advance courses. from the knowledge gained here, I am so ready to move on to the other courses and start my crypto investment and be a better crypto investor.

Dr crypto
Experienced teacher!

The private course was absolutely very useful. I could see how well experienced the teacher is. He thought me many basic crypto skills that I am using right now. Because of his guidance I was early on a couple crypto projects which gave me great gains. The guidance is really low key and very respectful towards a "noob" like me. I definitely would recommend this course to anyone who wants to step into the crypto space before making all the mistakes noobs can make.

Thank you for the feedback. I try my very best to provide as much value as possible to students and give them all the necessary tools they need to grow their wealth the right way. Please feel free to contact me anytime at or in our live chat when you are feeling stuck or need help. I am here to serve YOU!