Our goal is to coach, educate and motivate you while also giving you access to valuable resources to help you grow your wealth.

What we offer

We offer educational courses, professional coaching, guidance, and understanding to invest in crypto projects, decentralized finance, Nfts, and earn passive income while you sleep! We have different course levels for beginners, intermediate and advanced investors. We also offer 24-hour access to consultations, Venture Capital memberships, coaching, mentorship and 1 on 1 meetings in person or video chat if needed.


Basic Course(Free)

1) What is a blockchain and how does it function?

2) What are the different use cases of blockchain technology? 

3) What is the difference between one cryptocurrency vs another?

4) How do I open an account with a centralized exchange?

5) How do I buy and sell cryptocurrency on a centralized exchange?

Intermediate Course

1) How do I make passive income on a centralized exchange?

2) What is the difference between a centralized exchange and a decentralized exchange?

3) What is the difference between a software wallet and a hardware wallet?

4) How do I purchase a hardware wallet?

5) How do I set up a software and hardware wallet?

6) How do I move my crypto into a software or hardware wallet?

Advanced Course

1) What is decentralized finance?

2) What is the difference between centralized finance and decentralized finance?

3) How do I earn passive income leveraging decentralized finance platforms?

4) What are NFTs?

5) How can I purchase NFTs?

6) How to make profit from NFTs

7) What is staking?

8) How to earn passive income by staking?

9 What is yield farming?

10) How to earn passive income yield farming?

11) What is the difference between proof of work(POW) and proof of stake(POS)?

12) What is mining and how do I make money from it?

13) What is a validator node and how do I make money from it?

14) Portfolio management tools and tips

15) How to read charts, blockchain explorers and market analysis tools?

16) What is a metaverse?

17) What is the business case behind a metaverse?

Subscription Membership

- 24 hour access to helpful valuable information and tips via video chat, whatsapp, telegram and email

- Access to new content and investment opportunities

- Access to investment research group

- Access to Venture Capital and syndicate groups to be able to invest in early stage projects before they launch

1 on 1 consultation (virtual)

- free ONE TIME 30 minute consultation

- please send an email here:

1 on 1 consultation (in person)

- Two days(10 hours in total)

- Resolve any issues in person

- Includes seminars(if needed)

- Full day workshop for you, your family, friends, a group or an institution

- please send an email here:

Other services

- Website build, design and development

- Escrow

- Fiat on ramp

- Copywriting

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