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Hey Bro, I'm Just Trolling

Hey Bro, I'm Just Trolling

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A reflective piece of provocative art that addresses different societal constructs from eccentric angles and viewpoints. A challenge to literary arts and how "books" can be written and consumed.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
A true artist

The author did an amazing job conveying his emotions and talking about relevant topics that people are discussing today. There’s a story for anyone to relate to and the way he organized and constructed each topic was very unique. I hope he is writing another book soon because I couldn’t get enough of this one!

George Matsev
An artistic and inspiring book

This book is really on point with the problems of the new generations. The ARTor gives a unique prospect on how to solve a lot of these problems. The Gen Z and Millennials definitely need read this. Read it in one day, so it’s fun and easy to read. Thank you, Vandross Idiake for being such a humble and creative person. I can say this is a big road sign on the way out of the Matrix, if not the red pill itself.


The first 20 pages of this book give more value than most bestsellers! The storytelling is so compelling it makes you read the book in one breath. The simplistic style in which is written makes it easy to digest for many, but if you can read between the lines you’ll get even more value . This book is what art should be - controversial, inspiring, thought-provoking, original, authentic, touching. Can’t recommend it enough!!!


A wonderful piece of art, written with a lot of thought and emotion. The book showcases the author's pure talent for literature and his broad knowledge for many relevant topics in today's society and different aspects of life. There is deffinately something for everyone to relate to, along those pages and it will force you to have an open mind and look at things from a different perspective, which is something people should practise more often. Overall, it's been a pleasure getting to know the author on a deeper level and being let into his world and his mind.


This book is very interesting and enlightening. I am impressed by the many aspects and constructs. I also had the chance to meet and talk to the author. He is an open- minded and kind-hearted person. Thank you!