Digital Ownership

Cryptocurrency changed my perspective on life, money, and the future of our society. I discovered this ingenious technological innovation in 2020. A transition is happening in real-time from web 2 to web 3 as hyperinflation, data protection and censorship become more and more prevalent in our society. Cryptocurrency is a tool we can use to decentralize many aspects of our society such as banking the unbanked, data storage, value exchange, and digital ownership. It is my mission to spread the correct information to as many people as possible and help as many to onboard into a more fair, transparent, and inclusive system. People need the RIGHT education and so I will do my very best to inform as many people as possible. This has become my life’s passion and I will bring as many along with me as the future of our lives change right before our very eyes.

What does it mean to be free? What does it mean to own? What is ownership exactly? Look around your house. Make a list of everything in your house and include your house itself. Don’t forget to add your car or the “X” number currently in your bank account. Once all of these items are listed, look very closely at that list. Realize that nothing on that list you actually own. It can all be taken from you by a government or higher power. Your bank accounts can be frozen for whatever reason and if you piss off the government enough, they can take your house. Your assets can also be taken from you by a company or through a divorce. Same with your car. Just look at the war in Ukraine now. Sanctions were initiated that cut the entire Russian population out of the swift banking system and the UK ceased Russian citizens' houses from them. Houses they legally had the “right to own”. These people had nothing to do with the war and their political views could be for or against the current regime but should that really matter anyway? So I ask again, what is ownership? What do you really own that is yours and can not be taken away? The youtube account that you can make money from can easily be demonetized and you can easily be de-platformed. The money that you lease to a bank isn’t yours anymore. You give your value away to a private for-profit institutional intermediary that is only legally required in most countries to keep 10% of actual reserves in their custody at all times. What do you think they do with the other 90%? Well, they invest it or loan it out to others. If you want to take the money out of a bank and store all of it yourself in your home, that can work but you will be very limited. If you want to travel or move to another country, then you are limited to $10,000 in cash that you can take with you out of almost any country. If you want to buy a home with just cash, that can be an issue in many areas around the world too. If you want to work for a company most of them nowadays only deal with direct deposits to a bank. Not to mention that physical cash in your home can be stolen, taken or your house could burn down. You are basically trapped inside a system that forces you to lease ownership and value transfer. 

What do you OWN? What is actually yours? The reality is we don’t really own anything. We are just leasing. That is until 2009 when a pseudo-anonymous leader by the name of Satoshi Nakamoto created a decentralized network that issues out a scarce digital asset called Bitcoin. Bitcoin allows you to secure your own value in a digital space nobody can reach but you. The first ever self-sovereign digitally scarce commodity that the world has ever seen. Take your money with you anywhere around the world and transfer it to anyone around the world at any time without limits. This is our future. The question is, will you be a part of it or will you be left behind?

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