Fighting Human Psychology

With the collapse of the largest algorithmic stablecoin by market cap in crypto history in Terra UST, there is a lot of mass panic in the crypto market. It is always of utmost importance to stay calm during these times of duress and keep a cool head. Go back to the fundamentals of the assets you invested in. Look deeper into the team and the technical aspects that make up the cornerstone of the projects you hold. Be vigilant and really take time to do your own research(DYOR). Do not panic sell in this type of environment but instead maybe consider doing some portfolio rebalancing if you are over leveraged in one particular project.

Another great hedge is to have passive income equity generators in place to help ease the downside risk. Yield farming, staking, becoming a stake pool operator or a miner are great hedges to grow your underlying equity of the projects you believe in while you wait for the market to reverse itself. Nobody knows what the future holds and what will happen next in the short term but if history is any indication, as long as we hold and accumulate great projects that have stood the test of time, the prices and volatility swings we see in the near term won't matter if we have a long term outlook of the entire market.

So please, zoom out and chill out and don't panic sell if you've truly done your homework. The only time you should consider selling at a loss is if something fundamentally changed with the project you invested in or you are looking to rebalance into another position because you think it will strategically get you a better rate of return when the market recovers. Always buy LOW and sell HIGH! In my advanced course( and as a member of the Moonboy Capital Ventures research group, we teach you how to hedge your risk and how to continue earning passive income even in a down market.


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